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CM49 Accusations against the Administration

Posted: 2020-04-26, 12:31
by Phoenix
This thread is restricted to the use of Court-Martial CM49. If you want to post to the thread, make a Submission to the Court in the main thread first. Anyone can open a Forum account and make submission. Kingli account is not needed. Pseudonymity can be maintained in those cases that the Accusation is ingame-only (concerns solely Characters).

JD: It seems to me that there is resentful attitude in the Kingdom, which was expressed to me as if I had done something wrong. This, obviously, may never be acceptable for a person claiming the things I am claiming, including Benevolence.

Everyone who has any claim whatsoever against HIM Administration ("L'état, c'est moi", ID1), state the claim by 50DW37 (48 hours), else shut your mouth forever.

Since the jurisdiction is universal, we ask the galactic, planetary and imperial virality controls to be lifted (this post allowed to be propagated to everyone on the planet) on the threat that we must make the Court-Martial (or a corresponding civil court) a permanent feature in the Kingdom of the Dragon.

Re: CM49 Accusations against the Administration

Posted: 2020-04-26, 20:04
by seonsakke
YG, your statements are contradictory. As you claim benevolence among other things, logic concludes you to be open claims stated against your person or character or HIM administration without a deadline. If you wish to impose a deadline, it should have a more narrow focus and limitations, such as pertaining to a subject matter or time period. Thus I suggest either removing the deadline or clarifying the context.

Re: CM49 Accusations against the Administration

Posted: 2020-04-29, 6:08
by Phoenix
seonsakke wrote:
2020-04-26, 20:04
YG, your statements are contradictory. As you claim benevolence among other things, logic concludes you to be open claims stated against your person or character or HIM administration without a deadline. If you wish to impose a deadline, it should have a more narrow focus and limitations, such as pertaining to a subject matter or time period. Thus I suggest either removing the deadline or clarifying the context.
YG, the reasoning for this thread to exist in general, was that "I cannot make a universal court whose jurisdiction applies to all, without having given all the people the opportunity to press any claims against me, by the absence/handling of which, my claim of Benevolence remains uncontested."

For the deadline in particular, "I am shutting the project down, and don't have all the time just for myself, for reasons implied."
Phoenix wrote:
2020-04-21, 18:46

WE, TVA Dragon, AOK-GM, SA-GEN5, Emperor of the Earth, Creator of the World, King of Crypto Kingdom, Lord of Malla, AOD-GEN, RDF, Monetary Architect, Professor of Economics and Theology, Ph.D, AM, Chairman, Treasurer, Founder, CEO, 3*MG-2, 213*OHK, etc

§4 are in need of thorough personal and family time;

Now, therefore, WE:

§5 discontinue the involvement with the open-source project Kingdom of the Dragon, effective immediately;

JD: The deadline stays in force, and has already elapsed. All the Accusations presented against the Administration have been handled. No further accusations are accepted and the Administration is dissolved. What remains of the Kingdom of the Dragon is the following construct:

1. I AM GM
2. The Imperial Family keeps its claims
3. Others may keep their claims or drop them
4. Forum will stay and I pay for its maintenance as agreed between the admins
5. Kingli will stay and I pay for its maintenance as agreed between the admins
6. Transferring items in Kingli is allowed, this however being speculative as I give no guarantee whatsoever that they will have value after Activation
7. Adding new Characters is disabled
8. Since the project is open source, I exhort the admins to make everything available (including forking Kingli) against a fee that is only based on their actual work in fulfilling the request to have code or similar, this is solely up to the parties concerned
9. CM49 will continue until the procedures are properly finished
10. SpecOps will continue until CM49 dissolves, and then it is dissolved as well
11. Other services will continue (they were never part of KotD anyway)
12. When GM calls Activation, then the Game is On again, with the rules then applicable!
13. GAME=0

Design note: Finally we arrive at a state that suits my needs for the situation at hand: I retain gamemastery and my lofty claims. They can be contested in the claims thread of course but why would anyone suddenly do it. But if they do, I have a competent universal court in session or summonable to session at a short notice, with functional procedures and people who are willing to serve for free, even at the cost of CC (§11), for the privilege of being there. Any claims can be settled there. As Justice I am infallible, and can do what I want, and the decisions can be enforced on all the people that I want to concern myself with.

All the politics of KotD is behind, because nobody had any claims, so they can walk free now. My titty is exhausted.* I cut energetic ties to all the people who want something from me, yet provide an incompatible vibrational frequency in return, in plain words: go elsewhere to ask for money or anything and leave me and my family alone, this is what Kenobi also asked.

So the nice thing is that I can support my family with all its needs forever without doing anything or being indebted to anyone. I am Emperor of Earth to anyone whom I need to talk to (and no one is allowed to talk to me without addressing me YIM or YG, or to my family at all). I can finally concentrate on family, whose needs I was unable to address while working, and am sure to have also enough "alone time" to think.

Towards the systemic world, which in my evaluation is rapidly being dissolved (I comment this frequently on FB and elsewhere and intend to continue), I am an eccentric millionaire who is known for benevolence and possibly of many things that people believe to be true, based on the reason they heard them. If someone wants to allow me buy services, I pay cash. If not, just let me walk away. I don't harm anyone or don't do stupid shit ever again, so arresting me is unnecessary (and I would just get out when no fault in me is found, just like what happened, they kicked me out the first thing after Easter holiday - hades cannot contain Jesus).

What went wrong with KotD? Nothing went wrong. The project was set to prove the points that needed proving: The main lesson was that giving economy only works between people who have the giving mindset. Now we had an entitlement-based culture. My chosen call was to bring in people who are attracted to my giving. Well, that is an easy qualification to bring people in - most of them want to gain. Everyone knows for themselves, if the giving and receiving were correctly balanced.

I waited enough for this to change and it didn't. In the end I felt that I am running a gauntlet with hourly requests for new money to be sent from my pockets to all the corners of the Earth, administered by me (if I ever hate, it is: paying bills), always accompanied with negative feeling that affected me. It is positive to give and negative to receive, these two polarities are now correctly assigned. I always wondered why electrodynamics did not seem to make sense at school, and will probably soon get it.

Let us make this clear: You are never again entitled to receive from me. Only make deals with me where I pay fully upfront. If you ask something from me, and I say "no", don't send negative feelings to me. Get away from my life already if you do. I am an empath and have had enough of this shit affecting my field.

Debt destroyed KotD. My ongoing and ever-growing IMPLICIT debt to serve everyone else except myself and my family. Look at 500k banknote - does it say: "be indebted to one another"? Show me a debt contract where I contracted myself to serve you? VAL gives dividend every week, that was supposed to be enough! The court-martial will probably** find against me and acquit everyone else, because the root cause for the situation to happen was so deeply in GM actions that whipping others would provide entertainment value mostly.

Of course I intend to serve the world, I created it***! But the 6th incarnation had faulty rules and/or culture. I hope to get several days of thinking time somewhere in the future to be able to assess this correctly. Time allowing I may explain more, else godspeed! :)

*I used to claim YHWH among my past-life claims but at present do not; El Shaddai is usually associated with the former, and is at least temporarily disclaimed
**Design notes do not bind CM49 decisions
***Everyone creates their world with their thought, and I have chosen to create a world where the awakening is just intensifying, and myself is among the rather first ones to wake up, and most everyone who reads this is going to be surprised soon, regarding the turn of events worldwide. Remember, this is my world: I decide who laughs last. Everyone is called, but you are chosen ;)

Re: CM49 Accusations against the Administration

Posted: 2020-04-29, 10:25
by Neo
Giving was broken by 52 introducing val and the game by 189 spamming dice, great effort mole brothers have succeeded

Re: CM49 Accusations against the Administration

Posted: 2020-04-29, 11:04
by Air-King
REP <3

Re: CM49 Accusations against the Administration

Posted: 2020-04-29, 11:34
by Air-King
Balance of the two spheres of
the realm of the rightful driving force,
and the realm of the living integration principle.

Pattern and matter flowing.

When the force and power is of balanced quality, the quantity of energy is limitless.


“What happened to our friend Risto?”
“Genius man with brilliant ideas.”
“Supremely intelligent and very good hearted.
Always wanting to give and benefit everybody.”

‘Why does it sometimes seem that he gets out of balance?’
When the world replies with negativity while you are trying to make everyone happy,
it is not easy to find the logic of why such thing would ever happen.

This is the very act of responding principle in action.
The so called Resonance Loop of Negative Projection,
that resonated through our energy fields activating dormant tensions of energies.

So how do we integrate the negativity to make the situation feel correct and therefore flow better?

Feel the emotion.
Allow the experience.
Release the resistance.


When faced with intense situations that arouse intense emotional responses
our first reaction is usually to either start pursuing some actionable function
or freeze and be incapable to operate.

Both are very natural and serve a particular purpose on many occasions.

But what is that energy that is the cause of the effect called emotion?
Is it good or is bad? Sometimes you feel good, sometimes you feel bad.
So sometimes your feelings are good, or sometimes they are bad.

But what does it mean something is good or something is bad?
If the emotion is such that is wished-for, it is labeled as good.
If it feels like something you did not want, it is termed bad.

So, the conclusion we can make from this,
is that when the emotion is in alignment with
what you wish for, what you want, what is your will;
then that feeling is something that is easy to welcome.

But how about the bad ones?
Should we just allow them to be?
Should we not think about solutions to the problems that are causing bad feelings?
Does it make sense to leave it be, let it be, as is said?

Well, now we get to the core.

As known, resistance is what restricts the flow of energy.
Emotions are sometimes referred to as energy in motion.
Experience is always based on the emotion of the experiencer.
Feeling is something that resonates in the presence of the being.

Some say, that the human brain has two sides with two functions.
Other is the so called thinking brain and other is the feeling brain.
Between these two has been found a small gateway.
When this gateway is expanded even slightly,
the connection between the hemispheres activates.

How does expansion become possible?
The resistance must be lowered.
The tension must be released.

When tension is released, flow is increased.

Let us think again the phrase:
“Energy in motion”
Motion = Flow = Currency = Energy
(Tension = Resistance = Voltage)

It can be even stated that

But how is the motion activated in the most slightest of scales, most sensitive of resolution?
Allowing it. Lowering the resistance, allowing the experience to unfold.


And from silence starts the music.