Court-Martial CM49

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Court-Martial CM49

Post by Phoenix »


partial quote; "- -" not used, red added
Phoenix wrote:
2020-03-14, 6:00

(IR-SOE §56)

WE, have assessed the situation in the Kingdom at large, and in the main operative theatre in Helsinki-Tallinn area; after intense meditation and consultation of the advisers in all planes, resolve that a State of Emergency exists. To uphold the operative condition of the Administration in all circumstances and serve and protect the civilians in the area:

§1 The Kingdom is recognised to be in military (SpecOps) administration. SpecOps is the executive arm of the Amber Planetary Ministry (corresponding to the sacral chakra).

§2 Imperial Authority is vested on the most senior SpecOps officer reachable in the encounter. SpecOps ID-cards will indicate the name and rank of the officers. Presenting a false SpecOps ID is a punishable offence.

§3 List of SpecOps generals (not shown)

I had the heart to promote many of the Generals to invest them with greater energetic authority, but I know they rather want to receive the promotions based on valor in executing their Missions, and many opportunities for glory await. (Promotions in SpecOps will only happen based on field performance.)

§4 Officers may recruit/promote on the spot, up to 3 ranks lower. ("Acting" commissions may be given up to the same rank as the giver.)

§6 Investitures are bypassed in VAL creating procedure: Completed Quests will cause VAL to be created by the decision of any acting knight of AOK (currently HIM, AOK-GM and HH Duke Nukem, AOK-C) by posting to this thread with details.

§8 SpecOps Special Agents (SA) are unauthorised to use deadly force. Basic rule for all engagements happening in neutral territory is that the SA shows ID and tells that he is acting on orders. If he has a request that is reasonable, obey him. If it is not, refuse it. If he asks to leave, allow him to leave.

Give all the possible help to the Special Agents. Do not deny, detain or harass them. They are acting in unison with the Universal principle of Greatest Good for All Involved, and are committed to helping the general population, especially in Helsinki in the time of crisis.

Full Rules of Engagement (ROE) will be updated asap.

partial quote; "- -" not used, red added
Phoenix wrote:
2020-04-21, 18:46
(ID-DIS §57)



§1 have assessed the situation in the Kingdom at large, and in the main operative theatre in Helsinki-Tallinn area; after intense meditation and consultation of the advisers in all planes, resolve that there is no way for the Kingdom of the Dragon to continue without major reorganisation;

§2 resolve that there are no resources at hand to attempt such;

§3 are disheartened at the performance of many of the central people in the Kingdom during 45DW- ongoing, especially in the events related to the hospitalisation, which can be summarised as an epitome of incredulous, cowardly insolence towards the Source herself;

Now, therefore, WE:

§5 discontinue the involvement with the open-source project Kingdom of the Dragon, effective immediately;

§6 demand the repayment of all of our personal and "Kingdom" funds and other financial resources, equipment, vehicles, etc and dissolution of organisational structures with us as the sole or dominant stakeholder, effective immediately or upon written agreement, under threat of appropriate action on all planes;

§7 let SpecOps enforce all the provisions of this decree, after which it is dissolved.

I express my regret on the performance of SpecOps during the State of Emergency and will decide later whose service was worthy of honourable discharge.


CM49-§1 Special Operations has failed in their mission to "uphold the operative condition of the Administration in all circumstances and serve and protect the civilians in the area" during the State of Emergency, for which reason WE have decided to "discontinue the involvement with the open-source project Kingdom of the Dragon" (winding down of the project). Special Operations will continue to function until "all the provisions of this decree are enforced".

CM49-§2 Let a Court-Martial be set up with 2 Justices (address: "Your Grace" in the beginning of post/message, later "Sir") to try the crimes and other offences that happened or connected to events during the SoE. The jurisdiction is universal (all people and all crimes). The following people are appointed as Justices:

HG Justice Dragon, SA-GEN5
HG Justice Serje, SA-GEN4

The Justices act independently, yet verdicts are pronounced together, and they must agree on capital resolutions (Stripping of CharID, Banishment, Outlawing, Curse) else HG Justice Dragon takes precedence.

"I am aggrieved that not three flawless men were found in SpecOps to act as Justices."

CM49-§3 Court of Appeal is the Sovereign, HIM THE Dragon (civil or military court depending on SoE being in force), who decides first if appeal is granted. Non-capital resolutions may be effected immediately, capital resolutions earliest after the appeal is denied. Minimum 72 hours must be given for appeal, and appeal must be granted or denied earliest after 168 hours of deliberation.

CM49-§4 The Court may hold session using any means, public and private. Most of the proceedings are intended to be public.

CM49-§5 The crimes tried and the suspects/accused, will be found during the proceedings. At least violations of GMDL8, failure to uphold the Administration, failure to protect civilians, violation of the body of His Majesty, violation of the peace of Her Majesty, trespassing, conspiracy, fraud, theft, perjury, cowardice, desertion and insubordination are suspected at this point.

CM49-§6 The punishments include the following (main article):

1. Resolution. The court/arbitrator must decide how to continue. This is the important thing, resolving the state of the game.
2. Restitution, compensation, fine, court fees. Monetary punishments must be paid to the victim and to the court. In financial crimes, they may be paid to the Game as well.
3. Stripping of an Honor.
4. Demotion of Level.
5. Stripping of Nobility.
6. Stripping of CharID.
7. Banishment(, by sword or rope, depending on level). Ending the Character, so that a new one must be created. (Short-term bans are something that the legacy system does to keep people in fear that they can not use their assets or communicate, and even to deny them this ability. This does NOT have that effect.)
8. Outlawing. Refusing access to the Game.
9. Curse.

Further advice (partial quote, emphasis original):
Phoenix wrote:
2019-11-09, 17:04
I am not sentencing anyone to prison (physical punishment) for tax evasion (virtual crime). It is not right. Fines are the way to go.

Likewise if you detain people (physical crime), you do not walk away with fines (virtual punishment). You are liable to be punished physically yourself.

One can avoid physical punishment easily: Just do not disturb (harass, threaten, detain, use violence to) others when they play the Game.

They are untouchable. They don't bother you, you don't bother them.

And everyone plays the Game.

So you should stop disturbing others. Everyone is untouchable, except when they like it.

I enjoy cuddling :P You don't enjoy disturbing me :evil:

CM49-§7 "No one who practices deceit will dwell in my house; no one who speaks falsely will stand in my presence."

Anyone may be called to testify. The witnesses must speak the truth. Also the accused must talk the truth, incriminating themselves. Speaking falsehood is itself an offence worthy of Banishment/Outlawing, depending on the level of the Character.

"This was already the 6th incarnation of my world-saving effort, but this time I did it having access to all the levels of the Galactic Mind, allowing myself to do everything. It failed, but I am not a quitter. Sooner or later after the court proceedings have consummated, I reserve the right to launch the decisive push towards planetary domination. The punishments now effected will stay in force during that as well, hence the only thing that you can effect by nonperformance during these proceedings, is harm to yourself and your own future prospects." More information.

CM49-§8 All SpecOps SA: Report to the thread for duty, pledging allegiance to me (free form; we will codify these later), latest 49DW105, you may be used as court servants etc, travel voluntary. I cannot promise compensation at the moment, therefore non-compliance results in immediate honorable permanent discharge from the Service. If the court finds that other actions have been dishonorable, that will be effected.

SecOps and other services have received their instructions.
The Phoenix
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Re: Court-Martial CM49

Post by JPB »

HIGH Duke Nukem ready for court duty and to do any technical investigation needed to support either side of the case. YIM.
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Re: Court-Martial CM49

Post by Libra Dragon 11 »

I was not able to take a stand, as the ranking of orders was unclear. Tried to find it out (Serje read the messages), but there were conflicting views. Serje told me that the highest order is with The Queen. Einar told us that he is in charge.

I was contacted by various people to do things in the emergency situation. I do not act when I don't know who is in charge - it might have ended badly when people fuss about things.

This same I experienced in connection with Ilja's case. Everybody was pulling the rope in their own direction. I am content that I staid put. Everything worked out fine without my involvement. I am happy that I was able to constrain myself, feeling, that we had not enough information of who is really in charge of things.

Edit: I am not even in any position in this. Sorry for posting. :wave:
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Re: Court-Martial CM49

Post by seonsakke »

HG Duke Áglordt declares his availability for court duty, and assumes, for the duration of the court proceedings, his name of justified wrath, Åglordt (any Nordic pronounciation is according to etiquette). For his other relevant names, please consult Crime and Punishment thread audios. Addressed in court as HG as well.

As the supreme leader of the Chaplain Corps, SA-NONE will make sure to provide spiritual support to any service personnel in need of such. Such private conversations fall under a confidentiality obligation and may not be presented as evidence.

As such, SA-NONE refrains from partiality in the hearings. He offers his services, in case he is summoned, to the role of Conciliator General, especially in the case the court would seek (and the circumstances not yet published so allow) to find a diplomatic resolution, and if the court would find those presiding to be implicated themselves in the charges presented. YIM.
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Re: Court-Martial CM49

Post by HSF Loaf »


I don't know what is going on... :think:
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Re: Court-Martial CM49

Post by ENDA »

From [mention]Margus[/mention] Kingdom & [mention]Waffa[/mention] realm:
Imperial Highness Order and IncAs can be initiated also to assist and help with the matters as Dragon Kingdom Realm needs.

We deal with our matters on our own way that can be from making someone lost or initiate decisions that will act like curse without dark magic and will find the way to a person in as long they spend time in Earth realm.
With time we will express more how and what we can do, for now we have expressed all what is needed.

We can also cast inquasition orders against ourself or other HiH wth a blink of an eye as we know the value of justice.
We can also act as protecting forever lasting shield for who is in need and has wronged against someone's other worldly or unworldly matters. If there is in our moral judgement casted decision that is not in line with our view we will not fight against decision but will cast protection owner the one in need as long they are in correct realm and will keep in the heart goodness and God.

With God the full protection will be complete, the ones who need to be protected no matter what in sake of good, for them/us we will use all other appropriate methods available.

ENDA wrote:
2020-04-02, 14:59

Founder: 502
Foundation: 23, 42, Trion
Honourable: 7 & 1

Imperial direction

Fallowing is marQnieese and only useful for these in need and for manifest of the step:

[mention]Waffa[/mention] :
We also in likeness among others with the best from board of Druids, Vampires, Sapesihfters, Reptiles, Mages, Elf's, Mystics, Owls, Board of Nature, Board of Birds, Board of Insects, Board of mammals and board of Hybrids, emphats and indigos,
besides in various levels among others best of UN, Good Kingdoms, G8+ security board, NSA & Darpa, members from all the other intelligence agencies,
We not in Allience with cannibals, pentagram forces, value degrading alliences will they be liberal or fake conservative, but we do use their best according to our needs.

In earthly terms, our value compass
to understand our harshness,
according to our value system as of 2020 we rather support Old Iran gov and see their current opponents to be untrue liberal forces. Liberal as degrading the value and protection of human happiness that comes from fulfillment of God's matriarhatic plan.

Our intention is not to be clear about how we are but clear only about decisions what we make.

Members of Imperial order are free to denounce or lie about their involvement as they see fit for greater good to any outsiders but all insiders have right to ask advice from [mention]Margus[/mention]
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Re: Court-Martial CM49

Post by VidicPjotrVonPridik »

Ready to give all info and details.
A Marquis Pjotr ID 733 🐉🐉🐉
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Re: Court-Martial CM49

Post by Zharl »

I am willing to help in anyway possible in this situation aswell.
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Re: Court-Martial CM49

Post by Cryptostoteles »

Cryptostotlé reporting for duty!


I hereby shortly state my full readiness and willingness to serve the Kingdom - as I have done it in the past - I always try to do my absolute best - even in not-so-good situations. Hopefully my involvement and intel helps to clear things up a little bit.. as I have contacted most of the members to have their short interpretation of the latest happenings.

bowing down in order to show my willingness to cooperate fully

HIH Cryptostotlé SA-COL •• ••• 🇪🇪 ²³™
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Lord Lársson the Great, 26*OHK-Hero, Member of HIM Ministry of Truth
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Re: Court-Martial CM49

Post by Himmler »

Ready for duty!! Count me in
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