PRONOIA (paranoia) METER

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PRONOIA (paranoia) METER

Post by Phoenix » 2020-05-27, 14:59

A version of this is in the process of being posted to Facebook, but so far they haven't allowed it to go through. So there might be something to it ;)

PRONOIA (paranoia) METER

Pronoia is the understanding that everything is perfect and works for the best benefit of everyone. Paranoia is your mind's evaluation of the overall threat level of the environment, it is not related to acute dangers. It is a good and acceptable thing, no matter what the setting/reading is. All realities exist simultaneously. If your paranoia abruptly changes, do not seek to fight it, rather follow the instructions. Your mind knows what to do. The level of pronoia/paranoia is determined in the scale of 0...7 as follows (decimals may be used if appropriate):

7 - Everything is perfect and everyone around you works to the best benefit of everyone including yourself. You are in the state of bliss and no evil exists in your reality. Great! This is called the absolute pronoic state where the 6D angels and all your environment take care of you. Keep it going as long as possible. Spend time with your loved ones. Take care of your body. You know what to do! You rock!

6 - Evil exists in the world but since you choose your own reality, it does not affect you. Great! Keep it going. Do whatever you always wanted, with the people you wanted. Spend time in good energies and spread the love and light as much as you reasonably can. This is the setting when you can heal yourself the best, so spend time here and get healed. The more time you are the master of your own reality, the better for the planet as well. Continue doing what you are doing and see the world change!

5 - There is evil in the world, but the good will certainly prevail. You can stay safe by not stepping on the foot of evil and getting to dangerous situations. Continue to do what you always did, not rocking the boat. Let the others take care of the action. Your duty is to act benevolently towards loved ones and strangers and keep your head clear at all times. If you are ready, consider changing the meter to either lower or higher setting temporarily, to get a better picture of the overall situation. Instructions will be provided.

4 - Most of the conspiracies are true and the world is actively being governed by ruthless, evil forces, and some of them have framed you long ago and have a file on you, if ever you have done something remarkable. However, the Universe functions normally. In this setting, keep your knowledge of the evil privy to yourself only, and keep your energies as high as possible, use your mind to find the best course of action and act normally. You have lived this far under these conditions being real, there is no need to do hasty decisions. Spend time with your mind and seek solitude if needed.

3 - There is a seemingly all-powerful absolute evil present in your reality, and it knows you since birth and is scheming to get you without mercy. The conspiracies are single-handedly controlled by this force, and they have let you go this far out of their convenience. However, the Universe functions normally. Now, keep your knowledge of the evil privy to yourself only, and keep your energies as high as possible, use your mind to find the best course of action and act normally. You have lived this far under these conditions being real, there is no need to do hasty decisions. Spend time with your mind and seek solitude if needed.

2 - The absolute evil is actively out to get you. You cannot trust anyone as they may be possessed by the matrix agents, but your mind is functioning well. Great! This is the classic special agent situation where you must only trust yourself. Depending on the situation, if you are with other people you should continue acting normally and seek to discreetly spend time in your mind. If the situation permits, you should exit the encounters and seek solitude. This situation is temporary, it will go away. Stay safe.

1 - You cannot trust anyone as they may be matrix agents or possessed by them. And in addition, your mind is constantly attacked by them as well, making it difficult to think straight. When this is happening, if you are with trustable people, you should disclose the situation to them by telling them you are distressed (D). If you are alone, it helps to use codewords to drive away the attack, and if online, consider flashing the D to your closest connection and coordinate with him. It will help. All this kind of conditions will go away. Do not make long-term decisions. Remember OPSEC and seclude yourself to safety, whether solitude or with trustable people. It will go away.

0 - You cannot trust your own mind. It is malfunctioning, you are possessed, or similar strange and unwelcome things are happening to you. In this case, if you already are with people whom you used to trust, please continue trusting them and consider doing what they say concerning what you should ingest, concerning rest etc. The situation will go away, this is temporary. If you are alone with no strings attached, continue to be alone and ensure yourself that it will go away. Paranoia is different from Danger, in that it is telling you long-term things, there is no need to take urgent action. If the state is induced by substances, you know that it will taper out over time. In any case, it will. During paranoia, you are safe, when you keep yourself safe. Stay safe. It will go away.

Explanation: You create your own reality. The consensus reality (what the others enforce with their minds, for which they have equal right as you do) is in between 3-4. Your most vulnerable state is 5, because you are clueless about consensus reality, and neither empowered by pronoia nor protected by paranoia sufficiently. No one can attack you unless you let them. Exploring the depths of paranoia gives you understanding on what the possible attack vectors are, so you can defend yourself against them. Know thine enemy. The Truth shall set you free.
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Re: PRONOIA (paranoia) METER

Post by sremm » 2020-05-27, 18:25

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Re: PRONOIA (paranoia) METER

Post by Libra Dragon 11 » 2020-05-27, 20:08

8 = 17.
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