Kingdom Newcomers Encouragement & Wonderings

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Kingdom Newcomers Encouragement & Wonderings

Post by Air-King »

First it is all very complicated. That is also very normal.
Then you understand few key concepts. Okay, so this is how it works...

It is not complicated, yet rather simple.
Once you gain enough experience on any subject, you become better at it.

Many games use the XP-model. We had a similar, but instead of based on work, it was based on the received value of noble doings by the most earnest and ardent of the Kingdomers. This rewarding of good deeds was called REP.
And REP was the tool of money creation. So when you gave REP, you basically gave more than money. The power to create more and more money.

REP led it's way to the plannings of POW
but then it manifested itself into the
more advanced and more powerful might:

Why did VALTA had to be born?

Because we needed a concrete form of energy. A solid structure.
A core that sets the level of operation. Energy locked in place.

Yet we needed also something that can be TRANSFERED.
Legacy value must also find it's way to the Kingdom.
So where can we put it? To buy REP? That is not possible.

To buy VAL? Yes. Seems more reasonable.

VAL can be transferred to any value.
VAL is highly valuable.
VAL is very much valued.

VAL also creates GLI.

Why is GLI valued?

GLI is money.
Money is always valuable, isn't it?

But who sets the value of the money?
Yes, that is the question - who and how..

Well, we know the answer to the question:
"How to create more value?"

We ARE the value.
We create value all the time, because we create all the time

We are creating something totally different, something totally new.

We are creating our experience anew. And in an increasing pace we are experiencing more and more energy.

Always when we are ready for the next level,
the next level will present itself.

And then we must act accordingly.

Effectively and gracefully.

These are the times for the real royals to rise.
When we are ready, they will know.
They will join us.

When we understand what power we have, we will make great things happen.
We are born for GREATNESS. We are heroes of epic might. We are conquerors of our fiercest doubts and banishers of our most mortal fears.

Who would have known that this day will come,
when we get to rejoice our opportunity to shine?

NOW has always been the time, yet now is more the time than ever before.

We are ready and then what will happen will set the pace for the new formation of our biggest dreams, boldest desires, most fruitful actions, most glorious ventures and most luxurious adventures in the reality of experiencing all this that is happening.

We are ready when we are and then we will see.

We will see later on and everybody straight go up.

Thank you guys. <3
HM Ilmarinen

"From Old stems the New,
and the New is born."
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Re: Kingdom Newcomers Encouragement & Wonderings

Post by Phoenix »

We are an iceberg the size of an ocean, rising from the ocean. At present, only the tip is visible. In the past years, even the tip was occasionally swept under the icy waves. We are rising, slowly at first, but at an increasing speed later on.

The mass of the iceberg is the planetary consciousness field. The market cap of the iceberg is what is seen above the surface. It grows geometrically.
The Phoenix
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