First Founding Character Applications

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Re: First Founding Character Applications

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Dragon wrote:
2019-06-26, 15:21
The reserve is locked-in upon depositing. Hence, reserves contracted in EUR will stay in EUR, BTC will stay in BTC.

To facilitate fast payments, it is important to have reserves in several fiats, cryptos and jurisdictions. Currently we accept EUR, USD and BTC, and plan to add more.

Weekly, the current value of reserves will be calculated based on the exchange rate of the reserves vs. DM.

The circulation of DM will be kept at 10x the value of reserves, so if BTC appreciates in value, the increase will end up being distributed to all the holders of DM. This is a manual process and may not happen instantly, because the reserve ratio is affected not only by changes in exchange rate, but also deposits and withdrawals and creation and destruction of DM.
Syksy wrote:
2019-06-08, 19:39
12. This is a tough question. The way Ultima 4.0 (?) went down, it'd be interesting to know if any of the unaccounted assets count from there-in or is this start ála tabula rasa.
I'm also including Syksy on this to get his opinion.

As I think the goal is to have 1 DM = 1 Euro, and the current DM circulation, values, etc. are based on this, maybe we don't want to introduce the additional fluctuation of crypto pricing so early in the game.

For something like this BTC rise, that can be seen as growth in DM circulation. However, during this same time period essentially all altcoins have lost value relative to BTC (in both satoshi and fiat pricing). So if Syksy and I had used, say, ETH or XRP, then DM circulation would go down and I am guessing everyone would lose DM?

For crypto reserve management down the road with more users, particularly unknown ones, perhaps it will be best to use a smart contract of some sort that locks the crypto and then uses a stable coin to ensure that the Euro value is maintained.

Actually, to facilitate fast payment, there are multiple stable coins beyond just Tether that work faster and more cheaply than BTC, such as Winklevoss Gemini Dollars. I believe Circle/Poloniex also has their own stable coin (and they are Goldman Sachs backed I believe).

I don't know, the fact that the DM circulation can drop due to reasons outside of deposits and withdrawals or gameplay seems like it could open the risk of someone getting say using an alt like EOS or even XMR that has dropped over 20% in satoshi terms overnight, and I am not sure how that impacts the DM markets.
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Re: First Founding Character Applications

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Finally, my character description (no longer an application, thank you Dragon!)
1. SnowAngel
4. C
5. 1 - 3 days
8. Chaotic good
9. INFP-A (Mediator, Assertive), sometimes ENFP.
10. everything over-active
12. -
Only from the heart can you touch the sky. --Rumi
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Re: First Founding Character Applications

Post by Serje »

1. serje
2. Blindu Sergiu-Ovidiu, M, 35, Romania
3. L45
4. E
5. from 1 hour to ∞
6. To bring to life an alternative to the present monetary structure that will be embraced globally.
8. Chaotic good
9. Consul ESFJ-A Sentinel People Mastery
10. Sacral: over-active, Navel: over-active, Heart: over-active,Throat: under-active
11. I'm down for anything, if I can do it there is no problem in doing it.
12. See this link please, unfortunately it is all I can do viewtopic.php?f=5&t=131
13. I can adapt to any situation. I am a father and a mother.
We are all made of stardust, it all depends on you, how bright you glow!
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Re: First Founding Character Applications

Post by MadBitcoins »

1. Character shortname: MadBitcoins

2. Real-life name, sex, age and country: Thomas Hunt, M, 40, USA

3. Lifetime target level (1...99): 100

A - Travels, creates videos for the good of Bitcoin and humanity. Has friends and connections allowing me to stay anywhere in the world and cover more bitcoin conferences.

5. How much time you intend to spend in Kingdom of the Dragon: Part time, managing Dragon Studios, providing personal consultation to the Dragon and being available in Barcelona to create excellent videos.

6. What is the mission of the Kingdom of the Dragon: Rebalancing the World so that artists have adequate resources.

7. What is your dream and goal in life: My goal is to make videos about Bitcoin, helping Bitcoin become the new currency of the world.

8. D&D Alignment: Chaotic Good (and I didn’t have to look this up first)

9. Briggs-Myers type: INTJ (I also didn’t have to look this up)

10. Chakra test: Very grounded. One time I was reiki healed by some witches at Burning Man. They said I had a beautiful spirit, much to offer and that it would all work out.

11. What do you want to be/do in the Kingdom of the Dragon right now: Studio Manager, Dragon Studios Barcelona (€4,000-€6,000 per month)

13. Biography in those parts that are relevant for the Kingdom, what have you done that prepared you for this:

Good Morning Bitcoin!

My name is Thomas Hunt, but you might better know me as Mad Bitcoins because from April 2013, I’ve been all about Bitcoin, writing, producing, performing and inspiring more than 3,000 shows and hundreds of thousands of hours of cryptocurrency related news, education and entertainment on YouTube with the Mad Bitcoins show, The Bitcoin Group, Bitcoin Talk Show and the World Crypto Network. We have had millions of hours watched and through our videos we continue to spread the word about Bitcoin everyday.

I’ve been a big fan of Risto and his legendary Bitcoin Castle and remember reporting about it when it was created and again when it was sadly destroyed by fire. It was great to finally meet Risto at Mike’s villa in Malta. Mike and I had both come a long way from when we met at the Miami Conference, sharing hotel rooms, to staying in a Maltese villa.

I believe that Risto is rebuilding the spirit of the Bitcoin Castle in the Kingdom of the Dragon and I have set up the new Dragon Studios in Barcelona to capture the creation of the Kingdom of the Dragon in high quality video and audio and look forward to continuing my goal of documenting Bitcoin and Kingdom History.

-- Thomas
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Re: First Founding Character Applications

Post by RyRy »

1. Ryta de Crypt

2. Margaryta , 27, Ukrainian, living in Spain

3. L 98

4. A - Living in Barcelona for 7 years by choice, before also lived in Milan, Expert in Visual Attractions, incl. Design, Branding, Fashion, Art.

6. Kingdom of the Dragon could change the world through monetizing peoples talents, so that each artist / writer / director / … can do what they are most passioned about, not being controlled by the system, not being dependent on governments.

7. My general life goal, I'd say, is to do things that truly matter to the humanity, with people who matter to me! Dreaming to become part of as many greatest achievements as possible during my life, alongside with the smartest, weirdest and coolest people on earth.

8. Neutral Evil — watch out! :twisted:

9. Campaigner ENFP-A

10. Root Under-active, others Active

11. Hospitality Manager and Visual Curator at Dragon’s BCN Residence. (1000-1500€/week depending on tasks)
Master of the ultimate Royal experiences for the VIP guests of the Kingdom. Providing assistance with Dragon Studios, design, videos, editing, HHRR, ... additionally, happy to help with other aspects of the Game, such as, for instance, - visual inspiration boards, mapping and style of the Dragon-verse, visual appearance of characters, etc.

12. My precious time and other resources.

13. Studies and work backgrounds in design, art, marketing, interior architecture, business, fashion, web design, business consultancy, project management,...
Blockchain technology and gaming became the greatest addition to my passions in the past few years. Exploring crypto community and my place in this space, to motivate technological innovations, awareness and mass adoption through Art and Creativity.
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Re: First Founding Character Applications

Post by HSF Loaf »

MadBitcoins wrote:
2019-07-20, 18:23
1. Character shortname: MadBitcoins
Great to have a crypto OG on board! :clap:
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Re: First Founding Character Applications

Post by Libra Dragon 11 »

I asked today HM Dragon, if it would be a right time to introduce myself. After reading quite a number of forum messages, I understand that he wants us to be as productive as we possibly can, without his consent to every little thing. So this is the introduction. I hope to work well with each of you, because we have a lot of work ahead.

1. Libra Dragon 11 (is that too long?). Name is from Western and Chinese horoscopes, plus numerology.
2. Asta Tuominen, female, 54, Northern Finland
3. Lifetime target level (1...99), with explanation what you do to reach it -> Have to study what this means, being a rookie. Anyhow, my last life here. Freedom! :D
4. E
5. As many hours as possible, 7 days a week, no other ongoing commitments.
6. Mission of the Kingdom of the Dragon is to free humans from monetary slavery, to allow them to pursue their highest purpose.
7. To die thinking that I did my best.
8. Lawful good.
9. “The Protagonist” (ENFJ-A), natural role is activist.
10. Root: under-active
Heart: over-active
Throat: over-active
Third Eye: over-active
11. Set up a dedicated internet newspaper for the Kingdom of the Dragon in English, in close cooperation with other communicators (have already been talking about this with HM Dragon and another member in the Barcelona meeting last month).
12. -
13. Wrote The Book of Earth, on Internet:, been working almost 10 years in various publications (printed paper and online), managing various projects at Nokia R&D for another 10 years, a multi-entrepreneur in the past, been sentenced to a suspended prison sentence for telling the truth in the most controversial online magazine of Finland (next court hearing at a higher court level in October, lasting over 3 weeks, a big case initiated by Finland's prosecutor general).
HM Dragon is a better person to tell about my weaknesses and shortcomings, because I will not confess to having any, except maybe over-enthusiasm. :D
I am a very committed and hard worker. I have lost my faith in religions and politics, as well as mainstream media and the judicial system - the only way to change things is to do it yourself. I believe anything is possible, when you put your heart and mind into it.
Personally, I think of myself as a "sociable hermit" and "practical idealist". I was woken up to a spiritual path at the age of 33. 13 years and 3 months later I was released from "the school" to put the experiences into practice in real life, in the beginning of 2011. I have given up my free will to live in higher guidance. And here we are. Hello! Let's do it! :)
HRH Grand Duchess Libra Dragon, TDT-EIC, WTF, ATs, THW, MR-5, GKK, OA-CO, SA-CADM, 63*OHK-SH, PC, F :wave:

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Re: First Founding Character Applications

Post by Lyde_80 »

Hello everybody!

1. Lyde_80
2. Juho Lyytikäinen, male, -1980, Vantaa/Finland
3. Time will tell
4. D (income from social helps, volunteerly)
5. What feels good/right
6. Create a better world. I see this as a possible, one of the main tools to enter to a golden age
7. To reach a Christ Consciousness, first individually and then help others to reach it too. Path is on!
8. Neutral good
10. Crown - Over Active
11. To study the system, give ideas outside from the box. Tell how things looks from an outsider point-of-view (now I'm pretty lost)
12. In the beginning, just time (that is money)
13. I have basic know-how about many things, I'm an Idealist with creative mind. I'm a chairman of a spiritual political group, that challenges the old political parties and their rotten way to operate. I come along with almost everybody, and I am good to build bridges between so-called opponents. I see different point-of-views pretty easily. I have big network of friends, with all-kind of talents.
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Re: First Founding Character Applications

Post by MotherQueen »

1. MotherQueen

2. Merlé Kaljundi, Female, 61, Eesti, 5 kids mother, Simple Earth Woman

3. 70 [ Queen ]

4. E.

5. 7 h

6. Help along that Healthy kids would be birthed in to world.

7. That all my closest ones who still alive would have a lot of Health

8 . Neutral good

9. Consul ESFJ-T

Root & Sacral under active.
Navel, Heart, Throat, Third Eye over-active
Crown: open.

11. Teacher of Kids.

12. I can donate my Loyalty. [ E. ]

13. Human, Woman.
From early childhood seen many kind of hard struggles (in many worlds) so i can understand and empathise well. Also have grown up 5 Healthy kids alone, that is worth a lot also in this world.
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Re: First Founding Character Applications

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[mention]Dragon[/mention] - what is the process for getting a new player added? I already have their CharID ready :)
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